Common Seo Mistakes Revealed And What You Should Do

If you hope to earn from Adsense, you need PR. PR (PageRank) is how Google ranks your site based on its relevancy to your site’s content. It is the way, Google determines how high to place your site at search results. This is because Google has a reputation to protect at the same time. If your site has low PR, it means during searches, your site would be stacked far behind leaving those highly ranked sites to top the first few pages. Google or other search engines strive to prioritize and serve the absolute best and valuable contents for the public through searches. So here are the list of things that you have to note in order to build your site correctly.An example is shown here about how a site can be built critically wrong from the beginning. Say if you install wordpress or other blogging tools within a physical folder on the root level on your site, it would cause terrible search engine confusions. This way, your site would probably be seen as two separate sites causing difficulties for the search engines to crawl your site. This renders your domain unable to earn natural and correct incoming links. The search engines would identify physical installation folders as separate sites altogether and hence would not be able to record the correct number of sites linking in. When your site has not enough incoming links, Google will not PR your site. Without PR, it is difficult to earn your site massive traffic through searches.You should have at least wordpress or other blogging tools properly installed. It is the way to easily manage your site allowing you to easily publish content and install useful plugins for free. Know that if you are going to use flat files on your site, you would not be able to handle the amount of work required to make every piece of the puzzle fit together. There are things like RSS feeds, posts, categories, analytics and etc. that you would be required to look into as the new dynamics in today’s media rich websites. Without them, your site will not go very far.So install WordPress or other similar blogging tools at the root level. Check for some of the coolest plugins available and install them for your site; most of these plugins are contributions of the generous WWW community. So, if it is possible, I think it is great to make a heartfelt donation to their contributors.Do not overlook the importance of these metatags. See them as the way people may address you as the person you are. If you are Mr. Brown, would you want others to know you as table lamp? Same with your posts as the search engines identify your pages by first looking at your title tags, descriptions and keywords.After that, they will check your page content against what you placed within those tags, if they do not match, you get the idea; Google or other search engines may render your site as having less relevant content. For example, if your title tag states “Happy hamsters at home”, however your content is about sports cars, what do you think the search engine algorithms would identify your page as? It probably would write off that page and give your site a very low ranking. Overall, the search engines do summarize the overall content of your site. This is why if your topics are set wide apart, it may be difficult for the search engines to rank your page according to your domain categorizations based on your niche of specialty.

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