Free Football Games On Fantasy Football Iphone Apps Give Passionate Fans Another Way To Follow Their

Fans who seek free football games on fantasy football iPhone apps are often very passionate about the NFL and their favorite teams. While each of the 32 NFL franchises can argue that they have the most passionate fans, a recent study conducted by Emory University’s Sports Marketing Analytics department found that fans of the Dallas Cowboys are the �most loyal� in the league. Following the Cowboys on the list are storied franchises New England Patriots, New York Jets, New Orleans Saints and New York Giants.

What remains to be seen is if fan loyalty extends to one’s participation in free football games being played on fantasy football iPhone app. Often fantasy football players have to put their team loyalty aside as they are drafting players and managing their teams. All too often when a player engages with a fantasy football iPhone app they put their team loyalty first and allow their passion for their team cloud their perspective, leading them to make the wrong decision and crushing their free football game prospects come an NFL Sunday.

While the passionate fans across the NFL may not find objectivity playing free football games on their fantasy football iPhone apps, there is a free football game that allows fans to play from a different perspective. PickPointz, available online and as an iPhone and Android app, allows fans to play free football games on this fantasy football iPhone app by letting them make picks based on real-time information and earn real-value points redeemable for gifts cards, sports memorabilia and merchandise.

PickPointz is the ultimate mobile sports app made for true sports fans. Fans playing the PickPointz free football games can pick the final scores and stats, allowing them to put their passion aside and select statistics rather than pick players based on team affiliations. Even if their passion gets the best of them, PickPointz allows you to change picks right up until the end of the game, giving them a unique experience that connects fans with the games as they happen and to remedy their clouded judgment.

While PickPointz may provide a more objective experience than what is available on a fantasy football iPhone app, even if a player’s head overtakes his heart, the points accumulated on the PickPointz free football game is never lost when a player loses. The points from wins can be redeemed for real rewards and merchandise in addition to the special offers and discounts they will see from the brands they love. This allows fans to watch live games while they play PickPointz to make a virtual gaming experience come alive.

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